Enviromental ideas in a viking journey

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Parque Municipal do Mindu
In May 1992, 160 youngsters from 43 countries help built what became the first public park of the city of Manaus:
Parque do Mindu: Eight years have passed by since the camp, here is the up-date.

From South Plants to Medicines in the North: an interdisciplinary research project on bioprospecting
Effects of bioprospecting in a source country are closely related to the sharing of benefits between the country and bioprospector.

GAIA er en kopi av GokstadSkipet, som ble bygget vinteren 1989-90 i Bjørkedalen.

Sandefjord kommune mottok Gaia som gave i 1993, og skipet har i dag Sandefjord som hjemmehavn. Båtlaget Gaia organiserer og utdanner skipets mannskap og sørger for vedlikehold.
Artikkel: Ble Dublin grunnlagt av Vestfoldvikinger?

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    Gaia Crew  

Gaiaship Network was founded in Manaus and has members all over the world. Any body that is interested can join our network of ambassadors.

GAIA is a replica of the Gokstad Ship, and it was built in the winter of 1989-90 in Bjørkedalen.

Sandefjord City received Gaia as a gift and have today Sandefjord as a home port.
The Gaia crew operates the ship.

Viking For a Day Great video about the viking history of Vestfold. Note: The video is made as a marketing video, promoting the cruise ports of Vestfold

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