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Recommended pages:
The Whaling Museum in Sandefjord
, Also some information about Gaia, from the owner of Gaia.
Gokstadbåten, Reconstruction of den third Gokstadbåten in a way (Norwegian only)
Vikingskipshuset, Oslo
Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde Denmark.
Navis, A Database on ancient ships.
Irish National Heritage Park, With a lot of viking living history.
Skiringssal folkehøyskole, Works together with Gaia Crew

Ships based on Gokstad find:
Icelander/Íslendingur, Viking ship on Island. 1/1 reconstruction
VIKING, The first 1/1 reconstruction of a viking ship.  Build  in Sandefjord 1892-93.
Hjemkomst, Sailed from USA to Norway in 1982. 1/1 reconstruction. Alternative:Hjemkomst
Sigrid Storråda, A modernized  reconstruction. Alternative page by:Ove Långes
Dyflin 1/1 reconstruction from Dublin. Lots of great pictures.
Skibsklan Yggdrasil, Det Danske Spejderkorps (Only in Danish) 
Havørn, a 2/3 reconstruction
Odin's Raven, a 2/3 reconstruction, on Isle of Man
Jomsborg, Polish 65% reconstruction
Lofotr, 1/1 reconstruction located at Borg Viking museum, in Lofoten, Norway

Knarrer and Skuldelev ships:
The Sea Stallion from Glendalough, Danish full-scale 30 m replica of the Skuldelev 2 wreck. 30 min TV program.
The Gothenburg Viking Ship Society, Sails Vidfamne and Starkodder, (Vidfamne is a replica of Norwegian trade ship found in Sweden)
Sunmøre museum, Sails Borgundknarren .
Kvitserk Ragnar Thorseth own Viking ship replica, This is an replica of the "Saga Siglar"
Skuldelev 3 in 3D
Helge Ask   A Skuldelev 5 replica
Föreningen Vikingaleden, Sails Glad of Gillberga, a Skuldelev 5 replica
Sebbe Als, A Skuldelev 5 replica
Lindheim Sunds, and Skibslag 5 (Danish only)
Skibslaget Freja Byrding, A Skuldelev 3 replica (Danish only)
Imme Skinfaxe, A Skuldelev 3 replica (Danish only)
, A Skuldelev 3 replica
Sif Ege A Skuldelev 3 replica. (Danish only)
More information about the Skuldelev and Roskilde ships at Navis database

Other replicas and ships:
Stiftelsen Nytt Osebergskip
, Lager ny rekontruksjon av Oseberskipet basert på nye oppmålinger, (Norwegian only)
Viking ship Orm, viking ship based on Oseberg
Maritimt forsøgscenter,
With the ship: Nidhug
Imme Gram Only in Danish
Ove Långes Viking ship site
Only in Danish
Hjortspring boat
Krampmacken By professor Erik Nyhlén
KRAKA Based  on wrack found in Danzig/Gdansk. (Only in Danish)
Erik Emune Only in Swedish
Rus project copy of wrack found nearby the island  Lapuri in Finland
Nordic viking ships
Viking Replica Ships - a worldwide comprehensive list.
Mjøsen Lange A small well sailing ship from Lillehammer
Viking Plym
, Swedish only
Himingläva, Expedition Vittfarne
Sotka, A Viking-age ship In Helsinki
Alsnu skeppslag and Regin, (Swedish only)
Haakons Haakonsen, (Norwegian only)
Viking ships and norse wooden boats, private page by Jørn Olav Løset
Helga Holm, medieval ship
Imme Struer, and Struer Museum
Middelaldercentrets Råsejlerlaug, (Danish only)
Medeltidsskeppet Blanka, (Swedish only)
Stiftinga Embla, Woman ship, row for peace

Viking pages:
Gael Agus Gall Irish Living History, Irish viking re-enactment group.
Kaupang, Norway's first city (norwegian only). (info about the recent excavations in English )
Borre Vikinglag, High quality Norwegian re-enactment group
Viking Network Ireland
Vikings, the north atlantic saga.
Viking Navy, private page by Peter Sjolander
Foteviken museum - Swedish only
ARILD HAUGES HJEMMESIDE, Private page with lots of viking stuff  Danish only
The Digital Norseman
Viking Heritage
Aker i Viken, Norwegian viking re-enactment group (Norwegian only)
Asgard, Viking god's (Norwegian only)
Kings of Dublin,
THE LAST VIKING, Canadian site, claming that Vineland is on the west coast
The Long Ships, New Zealand viking ship plans.
Halvgrims private research side, Viking helmets.
Ulfhednir, is a group with an interest in the archeology and history of the Viking Age.
Foreningen Norsk Langbuelag, (Norwegian only)
Heimskringla, Old Norse Prose and Poetry.
Varin, (Norwegian only)

Square sail boats and traditional Norwegian boats:
The Celtic Galley Aileach
Museet Kystens Arv, Tar vare på og bygger tradisjonelle norske båter. (Norwegian only)
Skibslaget Åfjordsbådene (Danish only), Nordlandsfembøring ("fembøring" a special 10-oar Nordlands boat)
Salarøy (Norwegian only)
Braute, Åfjordsfembøringen Braute, Josef Thingnes sin Braute side (Norwegian only)
Foreningen Kystkultur, Foreningen tar vare på og seiler tradisjonelle bruksbåter. (Norwegian only)
Föreningen Viksbåten, sails the medieval boat Tälja
The Tangaroa Expedition 2006
Rå, (Danish only)

Classic Sail ships:

Cristian Radich
Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Boy Leslie
Anna Rogde, flat - topped schooner with two masts, built 1868
The Swedish East India Company
HMS Rose, aka HMS Surprise in the great movie Master And Commander
Endeavour, replica of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour
Historic Tall Ship Replicas
Batavia yard, and Batavia Image Store

Other maritime pages:
Orkney Sailing Club
Gokstad kystlag
, (Norwegian only), Dampskrue-fregatten "Jylland" (Danish only)
Gokstad Kystlags Motor samling, Norwegian boat engine database
Forbundet KYSTEN, A organization for preservation of Norwegian coastal culture. (Norwegian only)
Svenner lighthouse, (Norwegian only)
Norwegian Maritime Museum
Stripbygging av kajakk, Norwegian page about do-it-yourself kayak.
Lystsejlerens Maritime Links, Danish sail links
Hildringstimen, (Norwegian only)
Håholmen, Ragnar Thorseth's own island, (a lot of nice pictures)
Fakta om Fartyg, A very good ferry page, with a lot of info on each ship
Skip Siden, info om ferger og cruiseskip (Norwegian only)
Fosen Folk High School, 100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway
Nordic Underwater Archaeology, a lot of broken links on the pages.
Australian viking ships museum

Environmental Links:
Gaia Theory, Science of the Living Earth. Av David Orrell
Bellona Foundation,
United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP
Global Resources Information Database, GRID,
CICERO, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research Oslo
Nettverk for miljølære, Side beregnet på skoleelever. (Norwegian only)
Gaia link, Framtidsskipet Gaia (Norwegian only)
Friends of the Earth Norway

Other pages With Link to This Page
Orkney Norway Friendship Association
, Our friends at Orkney's
Cruise Sandefjord
The Mother of All Maritime Links
The GAIASHIP Project
Norsk Nettskole
the Railway Home Page of  Jan Olav Jørgensen
Sandefjord Model Railway Club
Info Norway, lot of links to Norwegian pages
, Medieval Europe
Bo Jørgen Nielsen's Homepage,

If you have links to other viking ship sites suggest them to Bjarne P. Hovland.

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