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About the Gaiaship Network

The Gaiaship Network is an independent, non-profit movement, working towards a better environment and sustainable development. The Gaiaship Network was established in the wake of the voyage of the viking ship replica, Gaia, to further promote the environmental work Gaia became a symbol of.

Everyone working to improve the environment locally and globally can become a part of the international Gaiaship Network by becoming a user. The Gaialogue and the rest of the web-pages on is forum of the people interested in ecology.

Through the Gaialogue, local projects become global! By sharing experiences, hopes and ideas on the
Gaialogue, people, institutions and corporations might cooperate in their common goal of a better future, everyone acting as Ambassadors for Gaia, our earth.

Sign up as a user to post your project of global interest in the Gaialogue.

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